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Life Transitions

Change is a natural and an unavoidable part of life.  Life transitions, even the positive ones, may leave us feeling stressed, confused and overwhelmed. In a collaborative, and supportive environment we will work through your difficulties to become stronger, more confident, and better prepared for what life throws at you. Teen therapy tackles high school adjustments, self-esteem, peer relationships and everything in between. My work with college students may focus on the stress of building new a community, academic demands, the post-college world with all new challenges. Together let's find your new normal.  Other common life transitions include:


  • Going away to college

  • Adjusting to a new job/school

  • Establishing  or looking for a friend group

  • Getting married

  • Parenting

  • Becoming an empty nester

  • Breakup, separation or divorce

  • Retirement

  • Career changes

  • Relocation

  • Issues pertaining to aging

  • Questioning your sexual/gender identity

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