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Depression Relief

Depression is an expert in distorting reality. It creates a narrative where you aren’t smart, you aren’t loved, and you can’t do anything right. Depression convinces you that you can’t get out of bed and that things that you used to love to do aren’t fun anymore. Depression is a liar and it makes you feel like you will never be happy again. Depression tells you that you don’t have any friends and that if you do, they don’t really like you. Depression tells you that something is wrong with you, you don't deserve to be happy and that you are the only one who feels like this. Depression, like anxiety, is a bully and it’s mean.
Guess what? None of what depression tells you is true! Depression is a physical illness that impacts a person’s emotions and thoughts. Sometimes it goes away on its own, sometimes it needs to be medicated, and sometimes it needs therapy. Whatever you do, don’t listen to depression. Depression, and anxiety, doesn’t want you to have good things or be your best self. Depression is selfish and wants you to be miserable and it only lets you socialize when it will make you feel worse. But you know what? Depression doesn't have to win. You are stronger than you think and you deserve to feel better. So, schedule a consultation and let us help you feel better. We know that when you feel depressed it’s not easy to take steps towards feeling better no matter how small they may be. We are here when you’re ready, with just a quick click of a button. You don’t have to do this alone.
Are you ready to find relief?

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