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About Me

Monique Harris, BIPOC Therapist, African-American therapist in North Carolina, teen therapy

Monique Harris, M.S., LCMHCA

Beginning March 2024 we will offer EMDR therapy services which has been proven to be highly effective in the treatment of depression, anxiety, ptsd, and trauma.

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I bring 25+ years of student services work experience into my sessions with high school, college students, women, and you! My work is focused on assisting clients through life transitions that often lead to overwhelming anxiety, stress, and depression.


In my work with teens and college students I've assisted students, women, and families navigate the complexities of academic and school demands, finding balance, the world of work and the road beyond. My work experience includes career counseling, college prep counseling, academic counseling, and other student support roles in community college, public colleges, and competitive private elite college settings (18 years at Duke University). Based in Raleigh, NC, I provide telehealth services throughout the state of North Carolina.  My practice is a safe and accepting space for all. I support and affirm all LGBTQ+, racial, ethnic, religious, and cultural identities.


"Self-care" is a term that gets loosely thrown around, but it is actually the practice of learning and incorporating healthy coping strategies. Through empathetic, culturally sensitive, inclusive counseling services we will exceed the story and imagination that you have for yourself.  I firmly believe that you are the expert of your life.  During our sessions you will bring knowledge of yourself and I will bring my best evidence-based counseling tools. Together we will navigate your journey and create a new path for you that incorporates tools and personal insights that will result in feeling stronger and more satisfied with yourself and your ability to navigate life's challenges and changes. Whether you’re struggling with anxiety and worry, self-doubt, low self-esteem, depression, or all of the above it is important that you know you aren't alone in this journey.

Our sessions offer an opportunity to reflect upon your thoughts, feelings and experiences - exploring both your challenges and your successes. I aim to gently challenge you and support your growth while treating you with respect and fairness. Together we will move towards your personal wellness goals and get closer to the life you’ve always wanted.



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